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Sep 21, 2020

Why do we push ourselves beyond what a normal human being can stand? Why do we work and work regardless of the state of our own mental and physical health? Because we’re doctors. Because we already have all the medical knowledge so we must know better right?


Pushing ourselves to try and be superhuman is not what makes us powerful. Instead rebooting your mental immunity, eliminating saboteurs, and creating momentum with your new habits is how to take back your power.

Listen as Sabrina shares an exercise you can use to take mini-vacations and allow your brain to rest and re-energize. We have to reduce our internal stress levels or we are all going to be riddled with diseases at extremely early ages.

If you’re not taking care of yourself then you cannot show up for the people who are relying on you. Sabrina’s techniques for re-evaluating your life and values so that you can find more alignment between your work and your health.

This was an amazing conversation! I love meeting other people who know how important this work is and also share that knowledge with the world.


In this episode:

[01:48] Welcome to the podcast, Sabrina!

[02:02] Learn more about her background and where she is today.

[04:16] Why she chose the word “powerful.”

[07:59] She talks about feeling stress and the statistics about suicide with medical staff.

[10:39] How she went back to training to regain her passion for her career.

[11:55] Why coaching is so important.

[12:48] Life changes, and so do your passions.

[15:09] Rebooting mental immunity is Sabrina’s number one focus.

[16:09] Eliminating internal saboteurs is the second step.

[17:10] Sabrina does two to five-minute exercises, which allow her to take mini-vacations.

[18:13] Step three is creating momentum.

[20:40] Connect with Sabrina and learn where to find her freebies.

[23:04] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


“If we don’t have an end goal, we can’t create that internal compass to give us that light.” Sabrina Runbeck


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