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Sep 21, 2020

Overwhelm hits us from all sides, but when you’re a doctor, how do you process it? You’ve got your patients, your family, continuing education, insurance debates… obviously I could keep talking, but how do you move past the overwhelm and find joy in life again?

Dr. Michelle Chestovich found herself asking these exact same questions and after listening to a podcast episode had an epiphany. The way you feel about your life is solely in your hands. If you no longer want to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, then stop feeling like you need to take that weight on.

So much of our overwhelm and anxiety stems from our need to control every facet of our lives, when really, we have no control! You can only adjust how you perceive and react to various situations.

This conversation was perfect for the year that we’re having what with the pandemic and all the social changes that are happening. Overwhelm seems to be on everyone’s minds, but wouldn’t feel amazing to realize that you don’t have to stay there?

Listen in to hear how Dr. Chestovich overcame her overwhelm and how she’s helping other women do the same. Be the creator of your own story and stop allowing your mind to keep you from enjoying all there is in life.


In this episode:

[02:41] Dr. Chestovich shares her word and why she chose it for this episode.

[05:20] The phrase that was the catalyst for change in her life.

[07:20] She realized that she was trying to control everything around her.

[08:44] How she’s now helping women who are going through the same things.

[12:29] Why she felt like she was on a treadmill going nowhere.

[13:23] How you can change your life.

[14:40] Be the creator of your own story.

[17:50] Errin shares some final thoughts.


“I don’t have to live in this state of overwhelm anymore, I’m creating that myself.” Dr. Michelle Chestovich


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