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Jul 27, 2020

WE MADE IT! This is our 200th episode! I want to send a huge thanks to all of our listeners for helping us to make it this far. I know you’re there and I appreciate it so much. I even asked some of our repeat guests to send in some shout outs and words of encouragement just for you! Listen in to hear their awesome words of thanks and praise.


That’s not all though! For the 200th episode I wanted one of my biggest supporters to join me on the show, so this is one of our Married to an Alpha Female episodes. Craig and I are chatting all about the course of the podcast, how things have grown and changed, the Burntout to Badass Course, and of course, what’s happening on the farm.


Craig and I both wanted to shout out our amazing sponsors. Not only have you helped the podcast grow and thrive, you’ve also helped us put a little money back into it to make it better. We both appreciate you, your support, and your belief in helping all female physicians feel empowered and heard.


There is so much happening in this episode. I honestly can’t wait for you to listen. If you have any questions about the course, reach out and let me know. Also, listen right to the end. The amazing women who submitted kicks of encouragement and congrats have some wonderful words of wisdom to share that you won’t want to miss!


I’m looking forward to the next 200 episodes!


In this episode:

[03:01] Welcome back to the show.

[03:31] Errin wants to thank the people that support the podcast by sponsoring.

[04:58] Thank you to all the listeners, we wouldn't be here without you!

[05:04] Errin also wants to ooze thanks to all of her special guests.

[08:04] Alexandra Stockwell's episode was called Intimacy. She's here to say congratulations on the 200th show!

[10:26] Kara Pepper says that Errin is exactly the same person in real life as she is on the podcast, congratulations Errin.

[12:18] Craig, Errin's husband, shares what is happening on the farm.

[14:03] Craig speaks about taking the kids to watch the crop-dusting planes land and take-off.

[17:06] Errin shares Craigs Twitter handle @highbanksfarmer, follow him to see pictures of their farm.

[18:36] Errins handle is @truthrxs

[18:56] Errin speaks about her Patreon group; it's a place to go to get a little extra of what Errin is laying down.

[20:16] If you join her Patreon group, she is giving away one entry into her new course Burntout to Badass.

[21:33] Craig speaks about how often he sees burn out in the education field,

[23:02] Errin course Burntout To Badass opens August 3rd, sign up ahead of time to get notification of when it's available.

[26:31] Now listen to several more of our prior guests!

[30:04] It's time for Errin's married to an Alpha tip.

[33:16] There are no right answers; there are more than one or two right ways to live your life.

[35:15] "Ask for help when you need it, don't wait until you are totally drowning, be vulnerable to those who have earned it."

[36:07] Errin does this podcast for you, the listener, and hopes that it has helped influence our life.

[37:29] The kick of encouragement is brought to you from more of our past guests. Listen as they share their thoughts and congratulations on the 200th episode.


**Special thank you to everyone who submitted a shout out or words of encouragement to our listeners!**


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