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Jul 27, 2020

What do you do when you realize you love your job but it’s no longer your passion? Find another passion. For Dr. Dena George she found a love of marketing through storytelling. Most physicians don’t know how to go about sharing their practice and their message with the world, but Dena does.


Dr. George now works part-time as a physician, a coach, and a marketing strategist using the StoryBrand formula. She loves to help physicians and those in the field of medicine to find the stories that will resonate with their clients and customers. She added in coaching when she realized how many of us struggle with having the confidence to do and be our best.


The StoryBrand formula has helped her to build a business that she loves. She has so much fun amplifying the voice of her clients and pushing them to take their rightful place in their niche. Even when it makes them uncomfortable.


She teases out the underlying message that you’re looking to share and makes it completely and uniquely yours. Listen as she shares more about her journey, why StoryBrand, and how she has elevated and pivoted her business through messaging.


In this episode:

[02:15] Welcome to the show for the third time, Dr. Dena George!

[02:59] Dena shares a little about her life and background.

[04:53] Listen as Dena speaks about what triggered the shift with Story Brand.

[07:16] Dena discusses the unique StoryBrand approach that makes the people you serve the heroes.

[09:29] “If you can’t fall in love with your client or product, people are going to feel that.”

[11:23] Dena explains that with StoryBrand, you take people on a journey to clarity and create the life they thought medicine would be.

[12:51] Dena shares how StoryBrand has transformed her and her business.

[15:26] Errin says that you can make such an impact when your message is heart-centered and amplified.

[17:57] Dena walks us through the process of what she is doing to help fellow entrepreneurs.

[20:01] “Clear and focused physicians change the world.”

[20:33] Dena encourages you to ask three people close to you what your strengths are and believe them and say those strengths back and nothing else.

[21:45] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[22:43] Errin shares her kick of encouragement!

[27:14] Keep going, keep up-leveling!


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