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Dec 30, 2019


10. Get Coached
Episode 77 is where I share a snippet of coaching with a wonderful colleague around where her life is going and what she wants from it.

9. Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski
Episode 41 be inspired that quitting is never a mistake if you learned something. #quittersunite today!

8. Is this really my life? Celebrating 100 episodes
We made it to Episode 100!! I share my 2 different realities of “Is this really my life” from desperation to utter elation.

7. Perspective with Dr. Christi Bartlett
In episode 96, Dr. Barlett shares her side of perspective as a palliative care physician, mom and woman. She gives a great quote, “Perspective can be a prison or a passport.”

6. From Skeptic to Meditator
Episode 97 is the after conversation that I have with Dr. Jill Wener after me being a meditation student, my experience and Jill’s reason for being a meditation teacher.

5. Dr. Molly Maloof explains Healthspan
In episode 99, Molly Maloof, MD tells about her tech company, Nutrasense, her innovative practice focusing on healthspan and her personal journey dropping out of residency to pursue a career as a doctor in tech.

4. Talking about Imposter Syndrome, Real Burnout Symptoms & Freebie Masterclass
Episode 108 solocast shares more about a recent conference and talks about Imposter Syndrome, burnout and the masterclass I had on November 3.  Catch the replay on Youtube:

3. Article Review with Dr. Errin Weisman
Episode 86, I talk about a New York Times article submitted by a listener. The article’s author, Dr. Danielle Ofri, wrote a beautiful piece in The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses: One resource seems infinite and free: the professionalism of caregivers.

2. Burnt-out to Badass with Dr. Errin Weisman
Episode 53, I get totally real and share my personal journey of being completely and utterly burnt out, the point when I reached hopelessness, how I transitioned to a now badass life and how I can help you too!

1. From Burnt Out to Badass with Dr. Errin Weisman
Episode 95, I share more about my story, the signs and symptoms I wished I had recognized/know and challenge you today to WAKE UP so you can lead a badass life too!

PS: Because of the response to episodes 53 & 95 "From Burnt-out to Badass"...there's a book and online interactive space being developed based on my experience and the experience of others who have excelled through and beyond burn-out and I'm just so excited to share it soon!

Happy New Year!

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