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Jul 24, 2023

My friend Dr. Laura Suttin is a family physician down in San Antonio, TX. She is wearing all the hats as a business consultant, author, coach, and MD. She helps other physicians tell their stories and find their voice after they have been chewed up by the culture of the medical system.

Female physicians often find themselves in situations of powerlessness in their work. They do not have the power to take a day off, they do not have the ability to take a break or a breath. It often takes a coach or a mentor to step in and help us realize that we can take our power back and prioritize our own health. 

As strong women, we are not the type to be a victim in a situation. As we strive for the bar of what a “good physician” looks like, we often get caught up in that image and the pressures of the medical culture, not realizing that we are actually being victimized. By understanding that, you can create your own power and your own movement to stand your ground and stand up to the bullies of the medical culture and the impossible standards it sets for us as physicians. 

There will always be days when we are having a harder time than others, and there are ways that we can cope with those days and those circumstances that can provide us with the support we need to make it through those harder days while continuing to prioritize our needs and our feelings. As physicians, we often stuff our feelings down, and a big leap to take is to sit with your feelings and actually feel them as opposed to burying them and carrying them. 

Dr. Laura and I talk all about the ways we can take back our voices, find our power, and cope with difficult times in this episode, and it is full of value for physicians no matter where they find themselves in their careers. We hope that you’ll join us today and that you can take away some actionable tips to get your voice back and steer yourself back into your own power.

“We’re not robots. We don’t have the capacity to just go, go, go and never rest or never recover.” Dr. Laura Suttin


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