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Jun 5, 2023

Not everyone is brave enough to start a practice straight out of residency, much less to do so in Fairbanks, Alaska. But that didn’t stop Dr. Kara Hartl. She opened her practice with the goal of raising the bar and maintaining the Ivory Tower concept of practicing medicine and providing the highest standard of care to her patients.

By providing top-notch medicine, her practice evolved into a multi-specialty medical center that was serving the needs of her community. This medical center ultimately brought life to what is now known as Troy Medical, named for a dear patient of hers who was suffering from multiple conditions outside of Dr. Kara’s field of expertise without access to a specialist.

What can you do when you don’t have access to specialty health care in small or rural areas? Dr. Kara has revolutionized practice medicine with Troy Medical by offering specialists virtually to her patients by leveraging technology. Troy Medical operates by bringing fractional doctors and virtual medicine to the infrastructure of medical facilities using technology and medical imaging to provide the patient exam. 

These facilities are unique in that they have a small footprint, allowing them to keep a relatively small overhead. With a staff of one person that has boots on the ground, they can refer patients to local services such as imaging, infusions, and labs while helping patients navigate technology and interpret medical diagnoses. She has locations in Fairbanks, AK, and Austin, TX, and looking to expand nationwide to continue to revolutionize healthcare in rural communities. 

Tune in today to hear more about how Dr. Kara is meeting patients where they are while raising the bar of medical care. If you know of a community that could benefit from one of Troy Medical’s locations, reach out to Dr. Kara and help make medicine better for people everywhere! 

“It is so much fun to practice medicine in an area where they desperately need you.” Dr. Kara Hartl

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