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Feb 13, 2023

Neurodiversity is something I really love talking about because it is a topic that we all too often misinterpret for what it really is. Neurodivergent brains operate in different ways and process information differently, meaning that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t best suited to those of us who are neurodivergent. 

The average frameworks for building habits and achieving goals don’t really work for the neurodivergent crowd. Where most of us may gain benefit from reading a self-help book or applying the “top 5 most effective habits,” - someone who is neurodivergent might just find themselves struggling to understand why these approaches never pan out for them.

Slapping a diagnosis on a mental health condition isn’t as helpful as we once thought it might be. When we apply a label to someone, we put them in a box that may be misunderstood and, by doing so, we are missing a unique view of the world that surrounds us and insight that could change the way we relate with each other. 

Another way that neurodivergent individuals are being misunderstood in the world is through the lens of marketing. Advertisements that speak to specific pain points may be doing more harm to your neurodivergent audience than you realize. Most marketing campaigns aren’t presented from the trauma-informed lens or adapted to non-linear thinkers. 

Listen in to this episode, where we shine a little light on the world of neurodiversity and explore the ways we can change how we approach mental diagnoses and social norms for the neurodivergent people in our lives.

“You have full control and agency over how you decide to show up in the world.” Kate Hollis

In this episode:

[00:26] Welcome to the show with Kate Hollis!

[02:12] Kate's background and the magic that she brings to the world.

[04:42] What is a conversion copywriter, and what do they do?

[05:33] Kate’s journey with neurodiversity and how it changes the way we view the world.

[12:50] A mental health diagnosis doesn’t really help anyone.

[18:00] How trauma and neurodiversity show up in business and the world around us.

[24:27] Changing the way you think isn’t as easy as the coaching world says it is.

[26:18] How social norms are being challenged in light of neurodiversity.

[31:17] Where to get in touch with Kate and some parting remarks to help you live your best life.


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