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Nov 21, 2022

Financial security is something that we talk about a lot on the show, typically as it relates to our practices and how stepping away in the face of burnout can be very scary when we don’t know what the financial future may hold with that decision on our shoulders. 

But, it doesn’t always have to be a scary thing!

If you have someone on your side who can help you navigate the financial aspects of life from your savings account to your debts to your financial goals - it makes a world of difference in what is actually feasible for you. 

I chat with my financial advisor and good friend, Jeffrey Berger, this week about how he approaches financial plans and goals for his clients and what that process looks like. Financial planning is a custom process that looks at each person individually and helps them develop the best plan for their future by meeting them where they’re at, which is an amazing way for anyone in any field with any salary to start building their wealth. 

If you haven’t taken the time to consider a financial planner in your life, you’ll want to listen in to this episode to see what it’s all about and how it can be a game changer for your pocketbook and your possibilities when you’re ready to make a big change in your life and career.

“Investing is all about time. It’s not about what investments you pick.” Jeffrey Berger

In this episode:

[01:42] Welcome to the Show, Jeffrey!

[02:55] Jeffrey’s background as a financial advisor and his involvement with physicians. 

[05:00] How Jeffrey caters to everyone’s individual money plans.

[06:43] Meeting people where they are and approaching finances with an air of honesty to achieve desired financial goals. 

[07:34] Having plans, insurances, and proper healthcare documents in place are also key to financial security.

[10:55] Why emergency funds are important to have.

[16:19] Damage control plans are important to have when making career changes or facing burnout.

[18:02] Check-ups with your financial advisor are almost like check-ups with your patients. 

[18:49] Wealth management for entrepreneurs and side hustles.

[21:23] Developing a plan to manage the debts accrued from student loans and graduate degrees.

[24:19] Different tools and types of investments that you can incorporate into your financial portfolio.

[25:40] Real estate as a diversifier in your financial portfolio. 

[29:33] Off-the-beaten-path types of ways to add to your financial portfolio.

[33:19] Starting off simple for financial security.

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