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Oct 17, 2022

Caterpillars go through a process called metamorphosis where they dissolve into a complete pile of goo before they can bust out of the chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly. Sometimes, when we’re going through the roughest times of our lives, we don’t realize that we’re actually just a pile of goo that’s getting ready to spread our wings in our true purpose. 

When we get plunged into hard times, we are often put there by our own inability to set boundaries and take care of ourselves. Dr. Lamia Katbi and I discuss what it’s like being in the darkest of the dark hours and how we can go from burnout to mindfulness.

Coming out on the other side of burnout is no easy feat, but once you emerge from the suffocation and weight of perfectionism and unrealistic expectations, you begin to experience your life in a way that makes you feel stronger, better, and more confident. 

Ultimately, it all comes back to the fact that we cannot serve others as physicians if we are not taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves in the way that we would love and care for others.

Listen in as we chat about the various ways that we can put ourselves first so we can show up and serve our patients in the way that they deserve and need to be served.

“We are perfectly imperfect.” Dr. Lamia Katbi

In this episode:

[01:50] Welcome to the show, Dr. Katbi!

[02:13] Dr. Lamia Katbi’s background

[03:34] The scoop on Dr. Lamia’s new book.

[06:23] Experiencing the darkest times of burnout is what gives us the strength to correct our course.

[08:28] Implementing self-care and setting boundaries as a physician

[10:57] Trial and error for finding what helps with burnout.

[17:51] Sleep is key to health.

[19:20] What is Human Giver Syndrome?

[21:44] Self-love and self-care are not Narcissism. 

Links and Resources

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