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Sep 5, 2022

As doctors we spend our lives solving problems. But are we really solving them? Or are we masking them? Dr. Elizabeth Hughes is a dermatologist who has told more people than she can count that there was nothing they could do about their dandruff.

But was that true? 

While taking a sabbatical from practice she finally got to explore that question more fully. Why is it that we can’t treat dandruff at its source? We have all these serums and shampoos that are designed to deal with the flakes, but what about the cause. 

After years of research, development, and sourcing, she now has a product that does just that. 

Listen as she shares everything that has gone into making this product come to life. Everything from the trial and error of finding the right partners in the business, to learning how to build and grow a business rather than a practice. 

Dr. Elizabeth is a brilliant dermatologist but I’m thinking that her role as an inventor will be her best one yet. You won’t want to miss out on this episode if you’ve been asking yourself similar questions. 

Why can’t we fix it? 

Physicians really are unbelievably creative and we just short change ourselves.” Dr. Elizabeth Hughes

In this episode:

[01:52] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Elizabeth Hughes!

[03:32] Who she is, what she does and what led her to creating her own product.

[07:23] She created a product to protect the skin barrier of your scalp.

[09:28] Listen as she discusses the journey to product development.

[11:29] Why she stopped product development for about 18 months.

[13:15] Her mistake was not finding the right people with the right vision.

[16:53] What it took to get her product through FDA Regulation.

[20:38] She used novel ingredients that weren’t on the FDA approved list.

[24:02] How her product is doing since hitting the market in January 2022.

[27:57] Tips and tricks for anyone who wants to invent a product.

[29:25] Where to find her product.


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Episode 362: Single Mom Sabbatical with Dr. Elizabeth Hughes

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