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May 2, 2022

If I were to say that pain doesn’t actually exist, what would you think? What if I told you that there’s no such thing as a pain receptor, there is only the message your brain is sending you about the situation you’re in? Sounds insane right? It’s not! Listen in as I chat with Andrea Moore about chronic pain and what the underlying cause is for most people. 

Andrea and I have known each other for many years now. We’ve both been in masterminds together and we’ve enjoyed building our businesses alongside each other. Honestly, when I found out that there was another physician in the room with me, I got super excited. 

One of the things Andrea has struggled with most of her life is chronic pain, and the crazy thing is she didn’t even know it was weird. Ever since she was a young kid she’s had chronic joint pain all over her body. So much so that simply sitting through lectures for school was extremely uncomfortable. 

It was this lived experience that informed her decision to go into first physical therapy and now she’s a doctor studying the role of the brain in our response to pain. 

Listen as she shares her story and gives us some great takeaways on the things that could be contributing to chronic pain in our bodies. Believe it or not, it’s all about mindset. That’s not to say that this applies to everyone, there are certainly cases that don’t fit the mold, but overall, our brain is responsible for our pain. 

So what makes our brain send out those signals? Listen in to learn more. 

“Pain is a message our body is trying to send us.” Andrea Moore DPT


In this episode:

[02:00] Welcome to the show, Dr. Andrea Moore!

[02:15] She shares who she is and what she does.

[04:47] Listen as she discusses why chronic pain is her mission.

[06:14] Andrea talks about her journey with chronic pain.

[10:03] I share my journey with chronic pain.

[12:33] She discusses the three main pieces she likes to explore with people.

[16:04] “For many women being connected with their bodies is perceived by the nervous system as inherently unsafe.”

[18:04] Chronic pain is a sensitization of the nervous system.

[23:01] My symptoms didn’t improve when I did all the external things I could do, then I had to look for alternative ways to deal with the pain.

[26:20] Medicines aren’t a great long term solution but they are a great bridge to get you ready for the inner work you need to do.

[29:51] A lot of female physicians are hiding their chronic pain issues in the closet.

[30:40] She shares that a lot of her clients come to her because they want to stay under the radar of the medical system.

[34:40] She discusses letting our nervous system know that we are adults and to let the child part go.

[37:41] She speaks about her podcast The Unweaving Chronic Pain.

[38:38] Find out how to connect with Andrea.

[43:38] Thank you for being on the show!


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