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Mar 28, 2022

A sabbatical is possible for you, even if you’re a single mom. 

In the last Burntout to Badass Masterclass session we did, one of the attendees said it wasn’t possible for her to take a sabbatical. She’s a single mom and there’s no way without another income she could make it happen. Did I even know anyone who’d done it? 

I do. I do indeed!

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes was once an overworked, underappreciated dermatologist who was suffering burnout from all sides. She was in a toxic marriage, working in a toxic practice, and trying to find her way out. 

After she and her ex-husband got divorced she knew she had to make a change, but she was scared. All the what-ifs started playing through her mind and it took her practice administrators telling her that she needed to take on even more clients that finally did it. 

She wrote her Declaration of Independence and has been on a journey to find herself and her place in the world ever since. 

Her story is AMAZING. She did the single mom sabbatical without any large amount of money in the bank, living in one of the highest cost of living states, and without any sort of plan. Learn how!

“One of the biggest tragedies that I think about medical training is that it makes doctors believe that they are good for nothing but medicine.” Dr. Elizabeth Hughes


In this episode:

[01:53] Welcome to the show, Dr. Elizabeth Hughes!

[02:10] She shares what she’s doing these days.

[04:47] She discusses her background and the journey to stepping away from clinical medicine.

[09:58] Listen as Dr. Hughes talks about the moment she said no more.

[13:15] She speaks about networking and about a lucrative contract that came her way.

[16:53] She took a year off, got a yoga certification, and got her coaching certification.

[18:19] Dr. Hughes talks about the healing that occurred during her year-long pause.

[20:53] She shares some advice for single moms who think they can’t take time off.

[21:47] Find out how to connect with Dr. Hughes.

[22:58] Thank you for being on the show!


Links and Resources 

Connect with Dr. Hughes:

Elizabeth Hughes MD

Beyond Dermatologics

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