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Jan 31, 2022

You didn’t get burned out in three months, so it’s not going to be cleaned up in three months. Change takes time. For many of us, the tendency toward burnout is fueled by inherent qualities in us. Not that these qualities are bad, but we have work to do to recognize when they push us too far. 

Listen to this Career Change Masterclass I did for one of our Burnout Masterclass Series training sessions. 

See, no matter where you go, no matter what job you’re in, you take yourself there. So if you haven’t done the work to get to know yourself and your needs, you’re not going to find fulfillment in any job you take. 

There’s definitely a balance to seek though. You don’t want to try to run too fast away from your situation, but you do have to make decisions. You can’t stay in a job that drains your life away all day every day, but making the decision to leave needs to be well thought out and researched. 

Listen as I share my tips and tricks for approaching your next career change. 

“If you are running away from something, you will run towards anything.” Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:35] We are talking about career changes today.

[02:22] Let’s start with time expectations.

[05:00] It’s usually somewhere between one and three years to make a well-grounded decision.

[08:16] I always ask people what the breakdown percentage is of whether they are running away from something or running towards something.

[08:50] I share why people act too slow when changing careers.

[13:34] Complete this homework. 

[16:59] Networking is an important tool when looking to change careers.

[18:58] Support and community are also important things to have during the transition.

[20:46] Professional help from a great attorney to childcare.

[23:01] The fourth thing you need is personal development.

[24:21] Listen as I share some success stories.

[27:39] Get in the Badass Slack group if you need more help.

[28:19] Thank you for listening!

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