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Jan 31, 2022

We all already know it. Doctoral medicine is a male-dominated profession. Maybe not medicine as a whole, but in the realm of physicians? Yes. Giselle Aerni, MD, is a Sports Medicine Physician knows this better than most and has created a business designed to help women in medicine shift their identity. 

She founded Madam Athlete to help inspire and empower women working in male dominated fields to own their expertise and navigate challenging situations. 

It’s draining to always work in a field that doesn’t have a clear representation of who you are and your experiences. It’s frustrating being a different voice in a room full of people inclined to think in one certain way. 

Who do you go to when you want to celebrate a new accomplishment or you need to vent about the status quo? For women in athletics, Madam Athlete is the community for you. 

Listen as Giselle and I chat about her experiences and why she’s passionate about the field of athletics. We talk all about how, for physicians in particular, our identities are wrapped up in being a doctor. The white coat defines who we are and that’s a one way ticket to burnout. 

This episode is a bit longer than normal but it’s totally worth it.

“If you know your mission, vision, and values, and you know who you are and you know your identity then you can start to set goals to get after your mission, vision, and values.” Dr. Giselle Aerni


In this episode: 

[01:20] Welcome to the show, Dr. Giselle Aerni!

[01:30] She shares about herself and the magic she is putting out in the world.

[04:03] They talk about how the path to medicine is a railroad track.

[08:00] We talk about what motivates us to keep going.

[09:58] Listen as Giselle discusses why she picked the word identity.

[12:55] She speaks about the processes she went through to find her identity today.

[17:17] I share my identity journey.

[19:41] Your physician identity is not one-dimensional.

[23:02] “Change happens.” 

[26:01] No matter where you go you always know whether you are running away from something or running to something.

[27:21] Giselle talks about the logical levels of change.

[29:24] Make sure you talk to your husband or significant other about the changes you want to make.

[32:34] She discusses the Madam Athlete podcast, her community, and the courses she built.

[39:36] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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