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Oct 25, 2021

I have been struggling with the emotion of resentment lately. If you’ve been following along, you know that I returned to full on clinical medicine recently and it has brought some things up for me. Listen as I share a bit more and then give my tips for approaching your own resentment. 

This is something I’ve been working through with my therapist, and it struck me one day when she said, “Man. You really hold onto things.” It’s true. I do. I have some deep seeded issues with resentment and I hold onto them tight. 

So now, I’ve been working to recognize when I feel resentful, have someone on hand to validate my hurt, spend more time focusing on self compassion, and naming and finding my core values in every situation. 

More importantly, I’m learning how to stop repressing my resentment. I’ve been more mindful about figuring out the triggers for my resentment as well. We all have a choice. We can choose to hold on or we can choose to let go. As I practice with little moments, I’m getting closer and closer to being able to let go. 

How about you? Do you struggle with resentment? Let me know if these tips help!


“Time heals all wounds, but sometimes it’s the one ingredient we don’t have.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:54] Today we are talking about resentment.

[03:28] I really hold on to resentment and for me, it’s a mix of disappointment, anger, fear, and pain.

[05:16] I share a definition of resentment that I find very appropriate.

[07:33] Tip #1 - Recognize when I feel resentment.

[09:18] Tip #2 - Have someone to help validate my hurt.

[10:48] Tip #3 - Have self-compassion.

[11:32] Tip #4 - Name and find my core values in situations when I have resentment.

[13:44] Tip #5 - Don’t repress it, don’t react to it, have patience, and wait.

[15:22] Tip #6 - Ask yourself what you are attached to that brings up resentment.

[16:05] Tip #7 - Remember you have a choice.

[17:01] Tip #8 - Practice with the little ones.

[18:45] Thank you for listening!

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