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Oct 4, 2021

If your workplace culture is filled with workaholics, it’s time to take a look at the top. Workaholic leaders beget workaholic employees and cause more harm than good in all companies and hospitals. Listen as I chat about the four groups of workaholic employees and how they contribute to a burned-out workplace. 


Group one are the folks who have lost their mojo and are leaving the company. They came in ready to make a difference and quickly found themselves facing down the burnout beast. They aren’t willing to stay there though, so they get out. 


Group two are the classic workaholics. They used to be so productive and use work as a true drug. They don’t have hobbies, don’t know how to have fun, and have no awareness that they are burned out. 


Group three are the outspoken employees. They are the ones who speak up at every meeting and are labeled as disruptors. They’re working to make changes and rather than being heard, they’re seen as trying to subvert the status quo. 


Group four is the scariest group. They’re the silent ones who are so deep in the pit that they’ve lost their way. They’re a hair's breadth away from taking an irreversible step and if you’re a leader who identifies someone in this group, you must get them help. 


Listen as I share more about these groups and how they contribute to a culture of work addiction. 


“Workaholics cause more harm than good to their companies.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[03:23] Listen as I talk about my favorite part of this series.

[04:01] Workaholic leaders lead to a workaholic culture.

[06:07] I share the four types of employees that I see that are on the workaholic spectrum.

[06:23] Group one are folks that have lost their mojo and are leaving the company.

[07:24] Group two are the people who are the classic workaholics.

[08:03] Group three are the ones that get labeled as disruptive because they are outspoken.

[08:41] Group four is the scariest group because they are silent but deadly.

[11:01] If you are in leadership and you identify with anyone in group 4, it’s your responsibility to check on them.

[11:55] I share the characteristics of a burned-out workplace.

[13:05] I talk about how to recognize a healthy workplace.

[15:22] You can’t outwork a workaholic system.

[16:28] Thank you for listening to part 5.


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