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Sep 27, 2021

Resilience is necessary in life. For Dr. Corinne Devin as an orthodontist, member of the U.S. Navy, and an international beauty pageant contestant it is a way of life. Listen as she shares her story and why she relies on her resilient nature each and every day. 


Dr. Corinne grew up in a military family and as such moved every few years to different cities. She developed her initial sense of resilience early on while dealing with the emotional and physical stress all of that moving caused. 


Later on when she decided to join the Navy, she called on her resilient nature to overcome the naysayers who didn’t think she’d make it in the Navy. She even had to overcome her own anxieties as she prepared to become an orthodontist. 


She has now lived overseas for over 8yrs and during that time started competing in international pageants. Becoming pageant ready requires a whole new level of resilience which she finds out before each and every one. 


Her story is truly amazing and the work that she is doing is so inspirational. Listen in and stay tuned to hear more about the book she’s writing. You won’t want to miss this conversation.  


“Being raised in a military family, I had to learn to be resilient at a very young age.” Dr. Corinne Devin


In this episode:

[01:54] Welcome to the show, Dr. Corinne Devin!

[02:11] She shares where she is and what she does.

[03:08] Listen as Dr. Corinne discusses why she chose the word resilient.

[06:12] She talks about how resilience was a part of her childhood in a military family.

[08:03] One thing she learned very early in her career is the need for instruction and guidance.

[09:01] She speaks about what she has learned doing beauty pageants.

[11:10] Dr. Corinne discusses her career as a speaker and where she gets the ideas for her speeches.

[13:29] She shares the book she is writing.

[15:46] Thank you for being on the show!


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