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Sep 13, 2021

Emergency medicine is much like a 3-ring circus, just ask Dr. Kelsey Quin. She grew up in the circus capital of the United States and still volunteers in the amateur circus that she performed in. The skills she learned there are helping her succeed as a physician and she’s telling us how.


In emergency medicine there is always something going on. People being admitted, administrators coding charts, actual emergencies, and then cleaning up after the emergencies. One of the primary skills needed in an ED is the ability to prioritize each task appropriately.


It’s exactly the same in the circus. Between making sure all safety measures are in place to creating an exciting show, there is definitely a hierarchy of tasks. 


Dr. Quin is sharing her background, why she chose medicine and her thoughts on medicine today. Listen in to hear it all. 


Have you been to the circus lately? 


“At the end of the day you have to know yourself and you need to know what got you into this profession.” Dr. Kelsey Quin


In this episode:

[02:38] Welcome to the show, Dr. Kelsey Quin!

[02:45] Listen as she shares what she is doing now and the circus she performed in.

[04:53] She discusses how an Emergency Room is very similar to a circus act.

[06:56] Dr. Quin talks about why she chose to be a D.O.

[08:30] She shares what it’s like to practice as a D.O. in emergency medicine today.

[11:00] Listen as she shares a bit of encouragement today.

[12:38] Thank you for being on the show!


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