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May 17, 2021

It’s time. It’s time to bring another amazing doctor into this discussion on how to go PRN clinically and start your own super crazy business, and I could think of no one better than Dr. Dena George. Listen as we chat about why it’s very possible for you and what you should be focused on to make this dream happen!


Dr. George is an amazing physician but she’s also a coach for physicians. We’ve worked together in the past and there is nothing but love all around because we’ve both seen a new way to act on our passion and our calling. 


Since I started this amazing series, I’ve had several people write in and ask questions about how to get started, how to market, and where to find clients. Dr. George is here to help me answer them. 


You know how so often people ask about getting started and the answer is just to start? While that’s true, it helps to have mentors in the space who can help guide you in this. That said, when it comes down to it, you have to have the confidence to start doing the work. 


You don’t need extra certifications. You don’t need a website. You don’t need fancy software and a built out sales funnel. You need to figure out what you want to do in your business, learn all that you can about the online space, and network your butt off. 


Where can you find clients? EVERYWHERE!


This was truly an amazing conversation. Dr. George even shares the five roadblocks she sees so many physician entrepreneurs stumble into. Listen in to hear those as well as how to avoid them. If you have questions for us, send them on in!


“I firmly believe that clear and focused physicians change the world.” Dr. Dena George

In this episode:

[02:20] Welcome to the show Dr. Dena George!

[03:32] We are going to answer some questions that have been asked since the series started.

[03:48] The first question is ‘how do you get started in coaching and where do you get started?’

[04:12] Dr. George says the way you get started is get started.

[08:19] You don’t need extra certifications or an extra degree because nobody ever asks.

[10:45] Another question is from someone new in business and they want to know how to put themselves out there.

[14:44] You do not have to have a website to put yourselves out there.

[16:06] The only requirement for marketing is to tell people what you know and how you can help them and then offer to help them.

[17:44] “Where are the clients?”

[20:44] Hear Dr. George’s five stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs.

[21:04] #1 Trying to speak to everyone.

[23:57] #2 Judgement.

[27:06] #3 Comparison.

[31:32] #4 Hustle.

[36:18] Listen as we discuss PCA, Physicians Coaching Alliance.

[37:39] #5 Overcomplicating.

[42:52] When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s not failure, it's feedback.

[44:06] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[44:50] Here is your kick of encouragement.


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