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Feb 22, 2021

I recently had a listener write in and ask me to expand on ways to avoid burnout, before it even happens. Graduation is just around the corner for many med students and one thing your degree doesn’t cover is the effects of burnout and how to avoid it. 


When I received the request to go over this topic from Taylor, I thought it was an amazing idea. So, my tips for avoiding burnout or if you’ve already beaten it, keeping it at bay!


First, get your stuff straight now. Write out how you’re feeling, your general thoughts, anything that’s going on right now for you. Write it all out and do this for a week, a month, two months. Don’t wait to start this process! 


Then start where you’re at. Meet your basic needs today. Think Maslow here. If you have basic needs that aren’t being met, get them met! You can’t do better for yourself and others if your basic needs are still outstanding. 


Next, learn the difference between thoughts, facts, and feelings. There IS a difference between these and knowing the difference allows you to take better stock of your mindset day in and day out. 


Last, get really comfortable with fear and how to talk to it. I mean that literally. We all have fears, but your fears don’t get a voice in your decisions, your life, or your needs. Learn how to put fear in its place and to keep moving and striding forward and you’ll find so much more fulfillment. 


When you have a better idea of your own personal needs and how they’re affected by the profession you’ve chosen, you’ll be steps closer to fighting off the clutches of burnout! Have questions? Reach out! I’m only an email away.


“We have gotten so good at delayed gratification that we don’t even realize when it slips around our neck and becomes a noose.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[03:04] Here are my five top tips for staying out of burnout.

[03:16] My first tip is to get your stuff straight now.

[04:13] Tip #2: Start where you are at now, meet your basic needs today.

[05:49] You must learn the difference between thoughts, facts and feelings.

[10:16] Tip #4: What is your dream life?

[12:19] My final tip is to learn to have a conversation with fear.

[15:18] Let me know if you have topics you want me to do solocasts on.

[17:29] Thank you for listening!



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