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Feb 8, 2021

We all know that female reproductive and general health has always been lower on the totem pole in the medical field. Only in recent years has the narrative begun to change and one of the big players in that is Dr. Teresa Irwin. She’s the vaginacologist and she’s here to share her story and why she’s so passionate about women’s health. 


So how did she come up with the name the vaginacologist? She didn’t! Her 15 year old son was trying to explain what his mother did and came up with it for her, but seriously… isn’t that the best title ever? 


Teresa now spends her time creating resources for women all over the world to better their reproductive health. She covers everything from properly completing Kegels to the benefits of proper diet and exercise and even performs surgery as a last resort. 


In fact, did you know that one of the top women’s sports is to blame for incontinence? Not pregnancy? 


Listen in to hear about the different types of Kegel exercises and why they matter as well as the reasons you should practice proper positioning for relieving yourself. That’s right, you can pee and poop in such a way that makes incontinence worse. 

This really was an amazing conversation full of extremely pertinent information that every woman, young or old, needs to hear. 


“It’s not just about learning about Kegel exercises, a lot of things you do every day just make it worse.” Dr. Teresa Irwin

In this episode:

[01:41] Welcome to the show, Dr. Teresa Irwin!

[02:01] Dr. Irwin shares her title and what she does.

[03:58] How the vaginacologist brand got started.

[08:45] The risk factors associated with vagina issues.

[11:30] Listen as she discusses the two areas that Kegels need to work separately.

[15:44] TikTok is the platform Dr. Irwin chose to get her message to the younger generation.

[17:55] Which sports can contribute to stress incontinence and how to mitigate the damage.

[21:57] Grab the free downloads she offers on her website.

[25:58] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[29:20] Now for my kick of encouragement!


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