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Jan 25, 2021

You can figure this out. You can honestly figure anything out. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you’re a failure and that you’ve just reached the end of what you can do? Guess what, you haven’t. 


No matter if things are going right or if things are going wrong, you will be able to figure out the next step. You didn’t make it through your residency and all those years of medical school to have absolutely no ability to “figure it out!” 


Here’s the thing, being successful isn’t about having all the things and gaining all the accolades. Being successful is knowing that you trust in yourself and that you will be able to face whatever comes next. 


The bumps aren’t going to get you because you know that you will find a solution. You don’t have to change your life today. You don’t have to change your life at all. You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing and if you’re finding happiness and fulfillment, then that’s perfect.


But if you’re ready for a change, maybe it’s time to come have some conversations with me and the wonderful group that I’m coaching!


“Being successful is having the trust and the faith in yourself that no matter what comes knocking, no matter what bumps into you, you’re going to figure it out.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:25] Are you ready? It’s story time.

[05:06] You can figure it out!

[05:40] I think we all have issues with self-trust.

[07:45] You have solved problems before and you will do it time and time again.

[10:02] Thank you for listening!


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