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Jan 25, 2021

What do you do when a fellow alum is running in similar circles as you? Do a podcast swap! Dr. Nii Darko and I have been in each other’s spheres for years, but everything has finally aligned for us to chat about all things business and gatekeepers. 


Honestly, this interview was truly amazing. I have been following Dr. Darko’s journey for years and it is just so inspiring. Between paying off debt, living a more abundant life, though he wouldn’t necessarily call it that, and cultivating a far reaching impact, it has been amazing to watch. 


His word today was gatekeeper and it really was the perfect word to describe the changes in our abilities as doctors to reach the public. Even 10 or 15 years ago, you couldn’t have reached as many people as intimately because there were gatekeepers everywhere.


Fast-forward to today and it’s so much easier for us to not only have a voice, but to be heard as well. It’s on us to bring light to the issues in the industry and the profession and it is an honor to be in Dr. Darko’s company while doing this myself.


Listen as we chat about our history, our drives, and what it has been like for us to pay off the massive amount of debt incurred to become doctors. We both feel very passionately that we as doctors need to do more both for each other and the public.I’m happy to report, that we certainly are doing the damn thing!


“If you wait until it’s perfect, you probably waited too long.” Dr. Nii Darko

In this episode:

[02:51] Welcome to the show, Dr. Darko!

[03:30] Dr. Darko speaks about his podcast Docs Outside The Box.

[06:52] "If you are willing to put your stuff out there and you don't care what the trolls say, that's when you know you are rolling." 

[10:29] Listen as Dr. Darko shares why he picked the word gatekeeper.

[12:45] When he realized there was no gatekeeper.

[16:00] Dr. Darko talks about doing extra jobs to get his debt paid off sooner.

[20:26] What I’ve learned by following Dr. Darko's podcast and his journey.

[24:34] What is a poor mentality?

[27:00] It's learning to not work for money but make money.

[32:44] Thank you so much for coming on the show!

[34:45] Now for your kick of encouragement.


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