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Jan 11, 2021

When I was in the pit of burnout, having one more thing to do or focus on was the absolute last thing I needed. So many people talked about gratitude journaling and focusing on goals and creating vision boards… but I couldn’t even focus on things that were right in front of me. Are you drowning in burnout? This is for you!


Have you ever been told you should start a gratitude journal and your first thought was, yes… that will make me feel better. Then you don’t do it and you feel guilty for not acknowledging the things you’re grateful for? 


Stop! There is no “busy work” technique that is going to magically wash away your burnout. There is also no one way to truly get out of the pit of burnout. But giving yourself one more thing to do is certainly not going to help you. 


Listen as I share my experiences and what it took to make me realize that the things others were pushing on me were actually making my burnout worse. If you’re there, then listen close and give yourself some grace!


“If you are feeling great, you’ve already figured out how to have joy and invite gratitude in.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[00:32] I am so excited you are with me today!

[02:45] Let me tell you why I think you need to throw away your gratitude journal.

[05:14] It’s okay not to do a daily gratitude journal!

[08:50] I want you to try a resentment journal.

[09:35] I really believe that feelings are emotions are sign posts for unmet needs and wants.

[11:00] Listen as I share my definition of toxic positivity and give some examples of what I mean.

[14:15] When we give a compassionate response, it feels more meaningful.

[16:45] Thank you for listening!


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