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Jan 4, 2021

What do we do when the big “D” comes calling? We persevere and manage to do our absolute best for anyone who is impacted by the fallout. Dr. Pamela Ludmer found herself facing divorce with two young sons while practicing medicine, but rather than let it defeat her, she allowed it to make her stronger. 


Now she helps other women physicians to do the same. No matter if you were impacted by divorce as a child or if you’re experiencing it yourself, that rift between two people leaves a lifelong mark. It’s all about how you move forward that determines the marks’ size and strength though.


Plus did you know that there are different types of divorce? As with any entangled relationship, there are indeed. Did you know that it isn’t always necessary to go out and hire the absolute best shark attorney there is? Sometimes there are better first steps. 


If you’re in a situation facing divorce and are not sure where to turn for help and advice, then reach out to Dr. Ludmer. She can help answer all of your burning questions and get you on the right track for a less scary process. 


We’re sharing it all today. You won’t want to miss this episode if you’ve been affected by divorce in your life.


“The women who are the most likely to get divorced are women who have just been promoted or in very high positions of authority in their organizations.” Dr. Pamela Ludmer


In this episode:

[03:35] Welcome to the show, Dr. Ludmer!

[03:47] Dr. Ludmer shares a little about herself.

[04:43] Learn about her divorce story.

[05:24] How my parents' divorce affected me.

[09:10] Dr. Ludmer talks about the expectations around marriage and divorce.

[13:02] It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Craig and I.

[14:49] Feelings are signals and data being sent about unmet needs and desires.

[17:28] Listen as Dr. Ludmer shares where she starts when a client comes to her.

[21:15] Dr. Ludmer chats about how her dad helped her through the anxiety that came with her divorce.

[25:01] "Divorce is a death that still has a walking body."

[28:16] There are different types of divorce.

[34:01] Dr. Ludmer talks about how hard it is for women to pay their ex-husband child support and sometimes spousal support.

[37:22] Your kick of encouragement.


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