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Nov 30, 2020

Do you ever find yourself looking at life through a lens of rules that you have no memory of creating for yourself? For physicians, but especially female physicians, there are a host of rules that internalize in our lives, but are they really the rules we want to have around our lives? 


Dr. Devon Gimbel is one of my business besties and a true friend in this life and she’s here to talk about how she kicked her rules to the curb and found a better, more fulfilled life. 


So, what are these rules we’re talking about? For Devon, one rule was that you never call in sick. If you called in sick as a physician then you were lazy and not serious about your career. She recalls having the worst bout of food poisoning ever and still going into work because she was scared of what others would think.


One of my own rules was that all patients lie, so we have to figure out the real story. Which is actually something that is taught to us in school, but who is that helping and how does that impact our relationship with our patients. 


Listen as we chat about the various rules we’ve had in our careers and what it took for us to realize that other people’s rules do not have to dictate our lives. This is a very powerful episode and the conversation continues over in the Patreon group, so if you’d like more, join us there.


“You are never locked in to doing one thing, one way for the rest of your life.” Dr. Devon Gimbel


In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show, Dr. Devon Gimbel!

[02:10] Dr. Gimbel shares her background and what she brings to the world.

[04:58] Listen as she speaks about the rules we set up in our heads.

[11:27] One rule that has permeated my life as a physician.

[14:52] Dr. Gimbel discusses what happens if you decide to step away from clinical medicine.

[17:04] Dr. Gimbel talks about how she coaches people around these rules.

[22:52] She says to get really clear on, what am I doing this for and what am I doing this from?

[25:26] “If it feels like crap, you are probably doing it right.” 

[26:03] Dr. Gimbel believes that once you are clear, the next step is having your own back.

[30:01] When you challenge your rules, you step out of your zone of safety.

[37:06] Your kick of encouragement


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