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Nov 30, 2020

Many of us go through life believing that we either have innate confidence or we don’t, but what if being confident was really a skill that you develop over time? There have been years of studies that suggest most human beings and women in particular, develop confidence rather than simply having it. 


Listen as Dr. Beth Pedersen and Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld share how they started working in the field of professional confidence and why it is so important to them.


As Covid began to bare its ugly head, both Beth and Debrah realized that they needed to take their executive coaching to a new level. Many professionals were lost in a sea of impostor syndrome and they knew that they could help.


They’ve developed specific tips and processes to help professional women find their strengths and use those to develop their confidence as a whole. Because women in all areas of the workforce need to build and understand their strengths and reveal their confidence within.


If you’ve struggled with showing and sharing your own confidence then you won't want to miss this powerful conversation.


“Confidence is in your actions and the networks you form” Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld


“As you get skills of confidence, you will live your absolute worth.” Dr. Beth Pederson


In this episode:

[01:30] Welcome to the show, Dr. Pedersen & Dr. Wirtzfeld!

[02:12] Dr. Pedersen shares how they got together to create their program.

[03:15] Listen, Dr. Wirtzfeld discusses the process of coming into their own confidence skills.

[04:40] Performance = Competence + Confidence.

[07:13] They talk about the derailers of confidence.

[08:37] Dr. Pedersen speaks about one of their two acronyms LAW.

[09:33] Dr. Wirtzfeld shares the second acronym RISE.

[13:12] They share what the next thing for them is.

[17:04] Your kick of encouragement.


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