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Sep 28, 2020

You are beautiful just the way you are. These are not words that women of color hear very often in popular culture and many times not even within their own culture. Nena Wallace, Candice Williams, and Jasmine Colbert created the Black Beauty Project and even created and produced their own single, also called Black Beauty. 

It all started as a dream. Candice fell asleep one night while thinking about all of the issues with the world today. Specifically, what led to the deaths of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor (as well as all of the others) and as she dreamed she felt as if God was there, telling her, “Black people are beautiful. You ARE beautiful.” 

She woke up and immediately started writing the song. All three of these amazing women have been involved in music in the past but none were prepared for what was to come. As they dug deeper into the message that they were revealing with their song, they realized this was a movement. 

They created the Black Beauty Project together and now seek to elevate a positive message of acceptance and love for all men and women of color. You are no less due to the color of your skin and these three women are here to tell you just that.

“As Black women they are standing up to declare the beauty and dignity of Black people everywhere.” Click here to listen to their song and support this wonderful message.


In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the podcast, Nena and Candice!

[02:18] Candice speaks about her life and the changes she has recently made.

[03:45] Nena shares why she picked the word necessary.

[04:58] They discuss how the Black Beauty Project got started.

[06:47] Candice speaks about how she and Nena reconnected before the project.

[09:01] Candice shares how she was inspired to write the song.

[11:58] The project has become a way to make music and share it with people.

[13:33] Nena believes that God brought her Candice and Jasmine together to make music.

[17:02] Nena speaks about the success of the project and where it’s going from here.

[18:26] Candice shares what she is getting from the project.

[21:32] Candice says that they wrote the song before the pandemic and social unrest.

[22:20] Errin challenges all the listeners to listen to the song and find what emotions it stirs up in you.

[22:42] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[23:27] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


“What touched me the most was that people were emotionally being touched by it and that let me know that with the little talent I have that I can touch people.” Dr. Candice Williams


Find the Black Beauty Project

Black Beauty by J.N.C

J.N.C on Spotify

Black Beauty Project


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