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Sep 7, 2020

There are so many aspects to complex pediatric care that most doctors tend to shy away from the practice. Caring for the most innocent of lives takes a toll no matter who you are or what your motivation. This became even more true when Dr. Stella Evans had her son. 

She was drawn to complex pediatrics for many reasons but when she had her son she realized that she needed to help support other parents facing the same problems as herself.  She has worked to make sure that she approaches every parent with empathy and care.

Because that’s exactly what she needed herself when it was her own son. 

Her work has become even more complex in the face of Covid-19. Her son was meant to graduate this year and he was going to attend an amazing transitional school that would help prepare him for life in college. However, he is not able to wear a mask for long periods of time and therefore cannot ride public transportation.

Listen as we chat about various facets of complex pediatrics and why this population and those that support them have been hit hard by the pandemic. Dr. Stella is a beacon of hope during this time, and this conversation was truly amazing. You won’t want to miss it.


“It takes strength to show when you are hurting and to reach out for help.” Dr. Stella Evans


In this episode:

[01:49] Welcome Dr. Stella Evans to the show!

[02:31] Dr. Stella shares her background and the practice she specializes in.

[04:32] How she started in complex pediatric care.

[07:49] Dr. Stella talks about the “don’t see it” reaction she gets from parents.

[09:33] Learn more about the effect of COVID on women with children with special needs at home.

[12:57] Dr. Stella shares how she has been navigating the pandemic personally.

[16:31] How the pandemic has affected her personal life.

[19:08] Even if you’re barely hanging on there is still hope.

[23:03] Your kick of encouragement.


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